Disclosure Policy & Privacy Policy

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Disclaimer: The privacy of our visitors is of paramount importance to us at Countdown to Coverage. If you have inquiries or concerns regarding the use of your Personal Data, please contact us at [contact email]. We are dedicated to assisting you to the best of our ability.

By utilizing our services or accessing this site, you agree to the processing of your Personal Data as outlined in this Privacy Policy.

Data Protection Principles: At Countdown to Coverage, we are committed to abiding by the following data protection principles:

  1. Lawfulness, fairness, and transparency: We ensure that our data processing activities have legal grounds, and we uphold transparency in these processes.
  2. Purpose limitation: We only process Personal Data for the purposes for which it was collected.
  3. Data minimization: We collect and process only the minimal amount of Personal Data necessary for specific purposes.
  4. Storage duration limitation: We retain your personal data only for the necessary duration and not longer.
  5. Accuracy assurance: We strive to maintain accurate data.
  6. Integrity and confidentiality: We take measures to uphold the confidentiality and integrity of your data.

Data Subject’s Rights: As a Data Subject, you are entitled to the following rights:

  1. Right to information: You have the right to know if your Personal Data is being processed and the relevant details.
  2. Right to access: You can request and obtain access to the Personal Data collected about you.
  3. Right to rectification: You can request correction or erasure of inaccurate or incomplete Personal Data.
  4. Right to erasure: Under specific conditions, you can request the removal of your Personal Data from our records.
  5. Right to restrict processing: Under certain circumstances, you can request the limitation of your Personal Data’s processing.
  6. Right to object to processing: In some cases, you can object to the processing of your Personal Data.
  7. Right to object to automated processing: You can object to automated processing, including profiling, that significantly affects you.
  8. Right to data portability: You have the right to obtain your Personal Data in a machine-readable format or transferred directly from one processor to another.
  9. Right to lodge a complaint: If your request is refused under Rights of Access, we’ll explain the reason. If you’re unsatisfied with our handling, please contact us.
  10. Right to seek supervisory authority assistance: You have the right to seek supervisory authority help and other legal remedies, including damages.
  11. Right to withdraw consent: You can withdraw consent given for the processing of your Personal Data.

Data We Gather: We collect two types of information:

  1. Information you provide us: This includes your name, email, billing address, and more – necessary for delivering products/services or enhancing your user experience. We save this information to facilitate activities on the website.
  2. Information collected automatically: This encompasses data stored by cookies and session tools, like shopping cart details, IP address, and shopping history. These details enhance your user experience and are logged when you use our services or visit the website.

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Securing Your Data: Your Personal Data’s safety is our top priority. We employ secure protocols for data communication and transfer, such as HTTPS. We utilize anonymization and pseudonymization techniques when appropriate. Regular monitoring of our systems for vulnerabilities and potential attacks is an integral part of our security measures.

Despite our best efforts, absolute security of information cannot be guaranteed. However, in the event of data breaches, we commit to notifying the relevant authorities promptly. If your rights or interests face a threat, we will also notify you. We are dedicated to taking all reasonable steps to thwart security breaches and offer assistance to authorities in addressing any such incidents.

For those with an account, please ensure the confidentiality of your username and password.

Children: Our services are not designed to collect information from or target children intentionally.

Cookies and Other Technologies: We utilize cookies and similar technologies to enhance your experience on our website. This includes analyzing user behavior, administering the site, and gathering information about users. This is done to personalize and optimize your interactions with us.

A cookie is a minute text file stored on your device. It contains information that aids site functionality. Only our website can access cookies created by it. You maintain control over your cookies at the browser level. Disabling cookies may impact certain features’ usability.

We deploy cookies for the following purposes:

  1. Necessary cookies: These are essential for crucial website functions like logging in. They do not gather personal information.
  2. Functionality cookies: These enhance convenience and allow personalized features. For instance, they may remember your name and email in comment forms to save you from re-entering it.
  3. Analytics cookies: These monitor website and service usage and performance.
  4. Advertising cookies: They deliver relevant ads aligned with your interests and manage ad frequency. Often provided by advertising networks, they remember your website visits and share this information with advertisers and other organizations, enhancing targeting and advertising.

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